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Poseidon / Therme Poseidon-Gärten - Ischia

How to access the park starting from August 6th, 2021

5. August 2021

A peaceful summer with the Green Pass.

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Given the new government provisions, as of August 6th, guests who are 12 years old and older must show the reception staff their Green Pass that attests that they fall under one of the following scenarios in order to access the park:


  • full SARS-CoV-2 vaccination. The Green Pass is also obtainable after receiving a single dose of the vaccine. In this case, the pass is valid 15 days after the first administration up until the second;
  • having recovered from Covid-19 (valid for 6 months after recovery). The Green Pass certifying that one has recovered from Covid-19 is issued at the request of the interested party in paper or digital format. It is obtainable once the interested party has completed their stay at a hospital and has tested negative, or, in the case of non-hospitalized patients, by family doctors or pediatricians. It is recorded and made available on the electronic health record of the person in question;
  • a negative test result from a molecular/antigenic test carried out within 48 hours of entry to the park. The Green Pass with respect to a negative rapid or molecular antigen test is provided, at the request of the interested party, in paper or digital format. It is issued by public and/or private authorized and accredited health facilities, pharmacies, and family doctors and pediatricians who make available this type of testing.


Access to the park will be denied if you do not have a Green Pass - Covid-19 green certification. In this case, you will not be entitled to a refund of your pass and/or season’s pass.

In order to facilitate the smooth verification of your pass, please arrive with your documentation already in hand (ID + Green Pass).


We would also like to remind you that you are obliged to present your Green Pass regardless of the services and areas that you intend to access within the park.

The following groups are exempt from this obligation: children under 12 and those who cannot be vaccinated due to health reasons (proven through certification).


The obligation to use your mask indoors and to practice social distancing remains in place when inside the structure.
For more information regarding how to obtain your Green Pass, please check out:


Reservations are not required to access the park. 
Guests can access the park by purchasing their passes directly at the park’s ticket office, even in advance, every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Even if the park is quite large, it was necessary to reduce the structure’s capacity to ensure compliance with the Covid distancing and prevention regulations.

Consequently, to minimize the inconvenience to customers and avoid unnecessary crowds, a counter updated in real-time on our website will indicate how many passes to the park remain each day.

In this way, both people who have not yet purchased a pass and those who have purchased passes in advance or hold a multi-entry pass, will be able to understand whether they will be able to enter the park.

Those who intend to reserve their spots for a series of consecutive days can purchase an Exclusive membership by using our booking platform and choosing the area of their choice.


For info and prices, please check out the following link Preise und Öffnungszeiten or contact us at


We are confident that you will support this important initiative together with us, which aims to protect us and the ones we love most.