From 16 October, end-of-season SPECIAL RATE: full day admission € 30 (instead of € 35), afternoon admission € 25 (instead of € 30).

22/10/2021, 21:27 PLACES STILL AVAILABLE

Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia

22/10/2021, 21:27 PLACES STILL AVAILABLE

Seasonal closure of refreshment points

From the 4th of October 2021

See you next year from La Grotta del vino and Il Fauno

Category: Park notices

Like every year, as our seasonal closure approaches, some of the park's refreshment points will go into hibernation to undergo winter maintenance.
Starting with the "Grotta del vino", which will be closed to the public from the 4th of October.
Then it'll be the turn of the "Il Fauno" which will close its doors for the season on the 11th of October.

Bar and restaurant services will continue at Caffè a Mare snack-barwhere, only one step away from the sea, you can enjoy delicious salads, grilled vegetables, soups, baked pasta, eggplant parmesan, carpaccio meat, in-season legumes and vegetables, cold cuts, fresh buffalo mozzarella, pizza, and delicious sandwiches made on the spot until the end of the season.

These delectable dishes will be enriched by the homemade desserts of our pastry chef Abramo Lombardi, with a choice of freshly baked croissants, cannoli, tarts, ice cream and classic Neapolitan pastries (babà, pastiera, sfogliatelle ricce and frolle short pastries).

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