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Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia

on subscriptions by booking 6 or more treatments (or water classes) per person

The centre

500 square metres, in the heart of the park, where you can regain your health with medical-rehabilitative treatments and get pampered with relaxing, holistic and cosmetic treatments.

Group water gymnastics, every day (August excluded) at 10 in the Adriano pool(28° C), included in the price of admission.

Open every day between 9.30am and 6pm Visa and MasterCard (+39) 081 908 71 81|
A first aid medical centre is available in the park throughout the opening hours
  • Treatment list
  • Activities and meetings

    The Poseidon Gardens are set as a reference point for medical-scientific debates and seminars and innovative treatment methods in the field of thermal medicine. The ideal place to explore not only the aspects related to the benefits of the thermal waters but also "health treatment and prevention" via a healthy lifestyle.
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  • Medicine and rehabilitation

    Rehabilitative therapy of the neuromuscular system with physiotherapeutic treatments in both the water and the gym.
    A wide choice of applications of physiotherapeutic massages with full body, reflexology, aesthetic and special massages.
    A department for inhalations and thermal aerosols, effective remedy for rhinitis, chronic bronchitis and respiratory disorders.
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  • Holistic treatments

    The centre is internationally recognised for MATRIX-RHYTHM-THERAPY: a revolutionary method that stimulates the body's own rhythmicity.
    A wide variety of pains, injuries and disorders can be treated.
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  • Cosmetic treatments

    Exclusive ERICSON LABORATOIRE treatments: from French laboratories, innovative and scientific cosmetics; highly effective, based on biotechnology and cell therapy. Many natural extracts designed and used to provide a customised solution for all types of skin problems.
    In addition, classic basic cosmetic treatments for the face and body, provided by a team of professional beauticians.
    Always the best at the Poseidon Gardens, also for taking care of your appearance.
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  • Personal trainer in the water

    A holiday at the Poseidon Gardens is not just spa treatments, relaxing on the beach and by the pool, or immersion in a unique and lush nature: your day can also be completed with personalised swimming and fitness lessons taught by qualified instructors.
    If you wish, you can also choose to be assisted and guided along the thermal path
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Booking and the relative payment as per the price list are required for all therapies and treatments.
If you are unable to attend, you must notify us at least 5 hours before your appointment time to avoid incurring any penalties.
If you do not contact us we reserve the right not to give any refund.