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Poseidon / Giardini Poseidon Terme - Ischia

The thermal path

Simple tips to get the most out of a day at Poseidon Gardens and obtain the maximum benefit.

It is not possible to standardise the spa route: individual factors such as health status, age, training, constitution, etc. will determine the temperature and duration of the baths.
Access to the spa area is not permitted to children aged 0-11.
To get the most benefit from the waters, it's advisable to consult the doctors of the thermal baths and follow our advice. Not forgetting that a day at the Poseidon Gardens is also about fun and relaxation.

Some advice for the spa route

Useful steps and tips for an "ideal" spa route
  • Swimming in the sea
    Start off with a motion bath in sea water* to relax the body's muscles and prepare them for the subsequent pleasures of the thermal waters. Bathing in the sea must not lead to excessive cooling of the body.
  • Max 3 sauna cycles
    Natural sauna*: max 10 minutes followed by immersion in the cold bath at 15° C. To purify the body of any toxins accumulated and prepare it for the thermal path. Use of the sauna is not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases.
  • Increase in temperature
    Gradual increase of temperature in the thermal pools.
    With the increase of temperature decrease the duration of the bath and extent of your movements.
  • Use of the Jacuzzi
    Raise the jets of the Jacuzzi* over the whole body, starting from the soles of the feet.
    Always retain a distance of at least 40 cm from the Jacuzzi.
    Never massage the abdomen or sore parts of the body. If used for too long it may cause irritation: maximum duration 5'.
  • Hot/cold cycle
    Kneipp Group: 3' max in the hot part followed by 15' max in the cold.
    Max 3 cycles.
    Always start with the hot bath, end with the cold.
  • 1 hour of rest
    After one hour of spa route, at least one hour of rest.
  • 1 cycle per day
    One complete cycle per day of baths and relaxation is enough, which can be complemented by walks, massages and other treatments in the spa.
  • Never on a full stomach
    Never bathe on a full stomach.
  • Consult the doctor
    Consult the doctor of the thermal baths for personalised advice and prescriptions.